The TravelCord Plus will not convert the foreign 240V source to 110V.
In Europe, outlets usually have 220 voltage – that’s enough to fry your curling iron or hair dryer if it’s not made to function on both voltages. If your device cannot handle dual voltage, you need a converter. Converters are usually bigger and heavier than adapters – this one is like a tiny brick!
Unlimited as long as it does not exceed a total of 10amps. All devices are labeled with amperage draw. Laptops may draw the most amps with an average of about 2.5V amps. Check photo gallery for examples.
Yes as long as the amperage does not exceed 10 amps. See previous faq.
TravelCord Plus is warrantied for life against any and all defects in manufacturing. Exceptions being intentional misuse ie: exceeding total amperage of 10 amps or using any 110VAC device.
No TravelCord Plus does not work as a voltage converter.
Unless your device specifically says it is for 110V to 240V input it should not be used with TravelCord Plus.
If your device is marked “110V-240V” as shown in our photo gallery, the TravelCord Plus can be safely used without fear of damage of any kind.

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