TravelCord Plus is a..

240V/220V to 110V/115V Two Pin electrical outlet adapter for Europe and Asia world travel. Allows simple easy use of multiple US plug devices worldwide at the same time!
Imagine combining our optional 4 USB charger with the TravelCord Plus and easily charging two cell phones, a tablet, a camera and two laptops all at the same time!

Why do you need a TravelCord Plus?

Because when you travel to all of Europe and most of Asia you will not be able to use your US type plug. Many people do not travel alone and most of us carry multiple devices that need frequent charging such as cellphones, tablets, laptops, cameras and more.
When traveling worldwide, most hotel rooms and especially Airbnb rentals have a single two pin outlet. My girlfriend and I would fight like cats and dogs to see who got access to the single plug when we both had the classic one plug simple converter. Even worse, the plug would often be in a nearly inaccessible location such as under a bedside table, behind a desk or bed.
We provide a super strong 22” extension cord that eliminates plugging in your chargers one after another in the dark while on your hands and knees among a collection of dust kittens.
Made to withstand years of rugged use, the cord is a full 22” long and features two heavy duty 18 gauge pure copper wires encased in a super strong braided cloth cover. Amazingly compact, the TravelCord Plus folds on itself into an extremely small size that fits anywhere. The cord can handle a full 10 amps with a UL approved design three outlet head on the US end and a CE/ EU Certified two pin plug design.
If your device is marked “110V-240V” as shown in our photo gallery, the TravelCord Plus can be safely used without fear of damage of any kind.
NOTE: The TravelCord Plus will not convert the foreign 240V source to 110V.
TravelCord Plus should not be used with any device marked “110VAC”, “115VAC” or “125VAC” only such as hair driers, heating devices etc. Please examine your device carefully and determine its voltage requirements before using the TravelCord Plus.
Unless your device specifically says it is for 110V to 240V input it should not be used with TravelCord Plus.
Proudly designed, marketed and shipped Free by a US company based in Sarasota Florida.
If purchased directly from our website one dollar of every sale is donated to Autism Speaks.